We want you, the user, to have as much freedom as possible, so rules will be limited. Rules can be amended at any point in time

1: No Harassing other users. We all come here for a good time. Please don't take advantage of that.

2: Only post what you have permission to post or what you have created yourself. We are a firm believer in copyrighted material and will stand behind it if caught.

3: Please don't post anything that might be illegal. Please use common sense when posting up something. If you think it might be against the rules, ask us first.

4: No unauthorized advertising. If you wish to advertise with us, please notify us about it and we could work out something.

5: To do like similar sites, because of it's growing case of being legal, we will not allow toddlercon on the website. Loli will still be allowed for the time being.